About - tom-go.com

Tom is my name, I am a father of two boys, husband and photographer. Currently we are discovering the beautiful Barnim/Brandenburg and around.

What makes photography so spezial to me? There is not one simple answer ... but let me give some examples: when shooting landscapes I love the silent and sometimes chilly mornings waiting for the sun to raise behind the horizon; as a event photographer I love chasing the spezial moments when emotions become visble or the certain blink appears in the eyes; portraits are different and requires some planning in order to achieve the certain look or mood one wants to create. But what all types of photography have in common that there is a little story behind every photograph.

You want to create memories, have an interesting idea or want to cooperate? Do not hesitate to let me know and don't miss to follow me on Instagram (icon below) to see one new picture a day!

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